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I’m living art.  Originally from Redondo Beach in Southern California.   I’m an artist (of Performance & Imagery ),  dancer, ProDomme &  fetishist.



I’ve always been very creative.  Throughout high school and college, I studied math and science, photography and dance, and cultivated a passion for everything colorful. 

Here at my site, you can view the artistic moments of my life captured on film in the form of images or video clips.  I'm sure you will find me very entertaining.  I am also a certified hypnotist and currenlty in training to be a certified hypnotherapist.  See my hypno Mp3 stores.



Music and dance have always been a part of me.  I was a punk rocker who by the name of Phoenix back in the original Los Angeles punk scene.  My friends were in bands you may have heard of: the Germs, Black Flag, X, Social Distortion, Red Kross, and the Circle Jerks, just to name a few.  I started ballet when I was five, later got into jazz dancing, and eventually became a Laker Girl when the Dream Team was around.



As a Dominatrix and fetishist, I have performed at commercial dungeons such as the Dominion, Bar Sinister, Passive Arts, and The Sanctuary, before opening my own dungeon- studios, located on a half acre ranch in the valley (property previously owned by the late Martha Raye).  There are many other ladies who also session at my ranch, which is located in Tarzana. see

I have a playful style and I enjoy sissy play, high heel fetish, sploshing and slapstick role play.  I'm good with a whip, excellent with floggers and a very skilled spanker.     I prefer to keep images on a surreal, artistic level.

I hope you will schedule a session with me and take a

look at my FREE galleries!

Also be sure to check out my auctions and image store.


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Thanks for taking a peek!



Madame Jade 

(aka Fetish Jade)




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