FuckToy FemBot

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FuckToy FemBot








Hello pet….

Are you ready to suck Madame’s thick long strapon? 


You see, it is just another part of your training….

And you had better have silky panties on and a slippery buttplug nearby…


Oh FuckToy, do you have on that pink collar….the one we picked out?


I will relax you, render you mindless, and you will want to serve

Me and be My dirty whore…


Now get relaxed as I work My induction magic…as those

silky panties rub your clity…take a breath so your

breast thrust out….deep breaths will Intoksikate your mind…


How far down your throat can it go... can you feel it…


My FuckToy FemBot?   

Breath deep as I twist each nipple gently… you will say “Deeper Madame, take me deeper”


You are going to experience the extreme urge to go shopping

and try on women lingerie…and you will 

want to take a secret little picture and send it to your

Madame…on her personal site….


Your wear a leash, collar, thigh high stockings, and heels

as I walk you around in public…. With that electric

stimulating clity ring on …and I hold the remote…


Every time you see the color pink you will have

the desire to ???….


And now you are so completely focused on sucking

My strapon cock….visualize it pet…


You will get the urge to log on to “www.thesissystore.com”…

and you will crave to look at the panties, chastity 

Devices, and the fukpants…


You will desire to become so feminine with silky shaved legs,

so hot and erotic…so taboo …My FuckToy FemBot Plaything…


And as  I bring you before My  Femdom friends,  you take it in your tushy while sucking and gaging on My long dong  as it

tickles your tonsils….


you are such a dirty BITCH….your clity is so wet…

and everybody knows who owns you...especially you


With the snap of My Goddess fingers, you DROP

into an obedient slave position…as all watch


Do you feel like a mindless FemBot? …you should…

you don’t need any thoughts…you just need to know 

how to suck on My strap-on deep as you also take it from behind…


I control you with ease…of course.


After you wake, your cravings will begin and you

will look at the sissy store and want it all….


And you will let Madame know what you saw ….


You are a programmed FuckToy FemBot…


Very good My girly slut…


I will hear from you soon.



Madame Jade



File includes: three voice tracks, sound textures and a binaural arousal beat.

Audio FuckToy FemBot