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Do you have what it takes to obey and be My elite money slave? 


Prepare to fall deep and send to My personal Goddess luxury bank account...

Have all My pay links ready, load up your wallet, get out your credit cards, liquidate your 

401K, hand over your vacations fund... all for My luxurious lifestyle...Invest in your Cash Queen 

without thought, without hesitation, with pure mindless obedience.


My voice is commanding, My visuals are elegant, enchanting, and highly mesmerizing.  

Relax and have a drink or three, as I command you to breathe and drop for Me... 


You will be triggered to mindlessly send, send, send, as you load up "The Bank of Madame Jade' 

with cash kisses ...The ULTIMATE power exchange... all for My diamond, movie star lifestyle... 

you Love Me as you send, send, send...truly exillerationg and dangerous I have very high standards 

and no tolerance for disobedience.


Listen while you text Me...I'll take it all....after all, it is Mine. 


File includes:  mesmerizing sound textures that will numb your mind, breast flashes, and 

My alluring Goddess image, triggers, commands, all for My devoted worker slave servants. 



Bank of Madame Jade

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