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Bimbotized by Madame Jade Paris



Are you ready for the ultimate BIMBO reprogramming?


Are you ready to experience a long mesmerizing induction that 

drops you deep into depravity?


I know you are … 


so relax and prepare to become the air headed BIMBO you 

were always meant to be…


I am your Goddess, your dominant Mistress… I will render you 

mindless and  obedient.


You will feel so good, so amazing as I DROP you and program 

You to be a HORNEY, craving slut...


You feel weightless as you sink deeper and deeper… you love to wear
lipstick, rubber breast implants, makeup and sticky, shiny, cum lipgloss.


You will crave to wear heels

You will crave to wear panties

You will crave to have a cleansing enema

You will crave to be the subject of a dirty, dirty gang bang

You will beg to suck cock/strapon at My command.



*SNAP*. Every time I trigger snap you, you instantly sink….and every time

I wake you up and put you back under…. You go down deeper and deeper.


Each snap makes you more feminine, more Horney, and more obedient...

just the way I like you. 


Feel yourself in 6 inch stilettos as I command you to walk down the stairs

With your posture perfect, your back slightly arched and your tits held up 

proud and inviting 


Each step is a wave of relaxation, each step sinks you 100 times deeper….

As you slip and slide downward and completely let go…


You are now ready for your procedure… ready to be reprogrammed into an airhead

Blonde, Horny BIMBO with a low IQ.


So obedient, slutty and mindless for Madame.


I own you pet…




File Includes : Long induction,  fractionation, Staircase deepener, finger snaps, countdown, 

multiple dirty dirty TRIGGERS, layers of My superior mesmerizing Voice ,  ASMR whispers, 



Keywords:  stilettos, lipstick, gang bang, French maid, lipgloss, cum, BIMBO, sissy, black mini skirt, crave, 

Butt plug, sounds, relax, sink, drop, deeper, dildo, trigger snap, trance, obey, Horny, bra and panty set, 

Enema, suck, bounce your tits, dirtier, bright red lips, pink collar, posture, Bimbos say yes, gas mask, table,

Breathing mask, cock, gag, bitch, blowjob lips, pretty.



34 minutes

Bimbotized by Madame Jade

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