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I sentence you to a life of LUST! 

Edge to your new reality…


Pull over… I’ve decided you are going to 

be mine!


You are BUSTED!


Step out of the car, hands above your 

head and spread ‘em!  

Look deep into My eyes… My eyes 

are up here!


Now breath deeply and exhale into My breathalyzer.

look at the spiral… no thoughts as you fall deep 

into My cleavage.


You are so GUILTY and it feels so good!

3… 2… 1… and DROP!


My uniform is tight, My stick is intimidating yet

highly erotic… oh the things I can do with it.

Under My control, giving in, being cuffed, 

edging as you listen. I’m armed and dangerous.


After I pat you down, I put you in the 

back of the car… you are My prisoner of lust.




I know you think I’m taking you to jail… well, it is

sort of a prison.  You won’t be able to escape, unless

I let you.


Just pure surrender letting all your thoughts go.


File includes:  nude breast flashes, My Goddess voice,

sound effects, 4 vocal tracks, 70s porn cop music, 

sound textures, strapon fantasy, cuffs, mind numbing 

sub bass and binaural beats at one point,  mind massage,

smooth induction, role-play edge, blue eyes, blonde hair, 

cum countdown, background images and video. 

Have fun with it My prisoner.  


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