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Crimson Kiss


I bet you’d love a kiss from Me…


Before that can happen, there are a few things

you must do for Me.


Breathe deep and relax and you will drop 

deep for Me…so Mindless, so obedient…


You know whats coming…


our first KISS….


Now pet… look at My full, wet, red lips…


Imagine how soft they are, imagine how they would 

feel  pressed against your lips…slowly and sensually.


you will won’t know what hit you… you will fall into 

Me as you become highly aroused… 


As I throw you a kiss… you see it come towards you, splitting

into many hot, sultry kisses… that go to varies parts of your 

body… highly erotic


My Kisses will arouse you, drop you deep and command

you to release…


My lusting loving control will overpower you and you will 

crave it over and over again.



FILE Includes:  My superior mesmerizing voice, subliminal track, ASMR, 

colorful visuals, red lipstick, true mesmerization, big tits, wet lips, JOI, 

Cum command , triggers… soooo good.

Crimson Kiss

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