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Hello pet… 

Yes, I’m the one you  are here to meet, I am the one you need.


Now look into My Goddess eyes as I drop you  DEEP


YOU SEE… I have dozens of “KEPT MEN” all over town… and you 

Will be My next toy… you will be kept in My Hollywood Trance Hotel and 

You will surrender completely and love it. 


Now follow Me as I count you down into a deep spiral of submission where 

You will be held captive, used, and whored out… all for My pleasure!


I’m going to tie your balls up, and whip you sensually as I program your mind 

And shape you into the perfect, obedient, KEPT MAN.


SOME would call Me an evil woman… but you call Me QUEEN… 


Your body and mind obey Me without question…you feel everything

I tell you to feel as My words penetrate deeply and wind around you like the 

ropes around your ankles ..


You crave to touch, but you must wait for permission… now sink down to your 

Knees, mindlessly and obediently as you crave to please Me 


You are My KEPT MAN… you are trapped in My Hollywood Hotel…trapped in My penthouse

As I command you to service My lady friends…. I sit back and gaze upon My property (you).  

And as you thrust thunderouslyI, I enjoy a smoke… 


I own that cock pet… I own your mind and body… you had better have some energy later, 

because My appetite is tremendous and I must be satisfied…


Tonight I will hog tie you and you will remain on the floor next to My bed…in the middle 

of the night I will drip hot wax all over your body… you will feel a delicious tingling burn, reminding 

you just where you belong…


I love the rope marks on your body pet… and now as I sit on the side of the bed, you will 

stroke for My amusement…


Roped and controlled with My words full of penetrating commands…


Worship Goddess



Madame Jade Paris



File Includes:  My superior mesmerizing voice,  multiple tracks, cum countdown, countdown deepener, 

big tit bra shots, pvc corset, lips, makeup, eye fixation, Historical Hollywood and Beverly Hills landmarks 

in the backgrounds, sound textures, BDSM themes, smoking fetish, glamorous jewelry

Old style film effects, slave training, trigger.


Keywords:  Locked, erotic, edge, kept man, roped, cock, sexual response, stroke, horny, let go, 

surrender, becoming obedient, thrust, lick, erotic sex, waves of erotic pleasure. 


KEPT MAN - Trance Hotel

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