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Let's MisBehave


Hello My willing subjects… this audio is a “Past Life Regression” 

with a slightly naughty sub track…


Now I truly believe that the best way to drop deep and become “mesmerized”

is by breathing deep and slowly, clearing your mind by focusing on the sound

of your breath, and letting your eyes close… do that and you may have a wild

experience… you can always watch the video later…. 



when done correctly, a past life regression session takes an individual back

through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories 

and experiences that are normally hidden in their subc mind.


Follow Me pet as I take you down deep to a speakeasy…lets see what your mesmerized 

mind creates… lets see where you have been…


Are you ready pet?   


You are are about to journey to a place inside your own imagination… a place of 

wild and reckless abandonment… a place of self discovery.  


Now take My hand as you step into My world… Induction and a stair countdown into 

a hidden speakeasy full of pleasure and a wall of mirrors that will show you 

your past experiences… walk into the mirror pet… explore, drop deep, obey Goddess, 

and discover your past life and experiences…



Obedience without hesitation… so relaxed and under My control… 



Key words:  obey, pet, submissive, mirror, deep, arousal, soul, 

past life, breathe deeply, follow Me, floating, drifting.


file includes:  past life regression script, My superior voice, multiple voice tracks,

colorful and beautiful visuals, sound textures from the 1920s mixed with modern 

electronic sounds and mind numbing sub bass… smoking with longe cig holder, 

lips, makeup, spirals, snaps, crystals, nylon leg shots, vintage lingerie, gloves, 

countdown, slave training.  

Let's MisBeHave - Past Life Regression

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