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Mine to Break


Hello pet… I just love it when you come crawling back


You are mine to break … and I love you broke… I love you broken 

down and on your knees…serving, worshipping and spoiling Me!


You see My pet, I am your superior…


Theres no way out … once you are under My control… You see, I 

have this supernatural ability to insert Myself into your itty bitty, 

mushy little mind.


Take a deep breathe for My My pet…. I want you good and mindfucked

I want you to fall deep… deep into My tunnel of no return…


You will be molded into My perfect drone… that is part machine.


Obey, drop for Me My pet… Drop and Send, Drop and Send as I 

break you down…


Mine to Break!  


True Goddess Worship, dangerous and delicious.



File Includes:  Mesmerizing double tracks and mind numbing sound textures.

My Goddess beauty, lips, hair, eyes… triggers and commands. 




Mine to Break

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