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Money Slave Zombie


I see you are back for another relapse…. very good.


you know relapse is inevitable… I want you horny and addicted,

I want your eyes rolled back into your head as you experience 

complete mental cash binge ecstasy… 


Get ready to get high on giving… on worshiping.. the way you 

truly crave to… 


Worshiping your CASH QUEEN … and this time.. I want it all… every last penny!


As you get more aroused and addicted, you obey Me, you do not ask questions…

you take orders.. because you are My MONEY SLAVE ZOMBIE…mindless and obedient


Going completely broke for My greedy pleasure… making My life Perfect… and giving 

you amazing purpose… thats right..



The more cash you give Me, the more I will love you… 


You see pet… this is all you get… because I am highly unattainable … and that 

turns you one… you want nothing more than to be My MONEY SLAVE ZOMBIE…


a little piggy bank I can BREAK… this is what you live for… this is what you work for.


And I don’t need to play games with you to trigger you… you come willingly  

crawling on your knees with you wallet in your mouth…


drink in My commands ZOMBIE and pay it up. 


enjoy going broke or Madame …nothing compares as your mind 

melts for Me…


I’m going to drain you and take IT ALL…




Madame Jade Cash Queen 


File contains:  Three original vocal track featuring My mesmerizing voice, triggers, commands

mindfuck, wallet drain, sound effects, love addiction, fetish makeup, big tits, shiny lips,

extreme findom magic, gloves, beats, binaural sound panning from ear to ear… enjoy the drain.


Money Slave Zombie

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