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Shameless Sissy Maid


Just relax and take a deep breath…

I can’t wait to see you as My mindless airhead sissy maid


Be sure to have all your naughty toys near you…

You are going to become My feminine, curvy, busty Sissy Maid…


I know that’s what you desire, and I know it makes your clitty so 



Follow My words as I make you empty and obedient, freeing your mind

of all distractions as you become empty and fall deep for Me. 


 Follow My voice as we go thought every part of your body …

transforming it into My perfect dirty sissy maid.


You are empty and obedient as I transform you into My perfect 

sex crazed domestic Sissy bitch.


The sissy maid must be dressed as feminine as possible and be the utmost

example of submission and femininity.  A sissy maid must always be in 

a dress, no exceptions.  The well trained sissy maid is a delight to have around.


Discipline of the sissy maid is also a critical training routine.  


You will become a slutty girl with a perfect multi-orgasmic pussy, long legs, 

Polished ruby toes, full lips, perfectly arched feet, large tits just the 

way you have always imagined… and most importantly a female mind. 


I will plant dirty cravings into your fluffy, obedient, girly mind… 

You will be trained as My domestic service sissy maid.   



File Includes:  

31 minutes, Multitrack voice, Mesmerizing techniques that will 

take over your psyche, countdown deepener, My superior voice, triggers, mantras, 

control chants, mind numbing sound textures, sissy maid training ASMR conditioning. 

*My Shameless Sissy Maid*

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