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NeuroTransmitter Control


Hello,  In this file I will control your neurotransmitters with My 

Powerful suggestions and binaural beats.


Take a break out of your day and let Goddess relax you, rejuvenate you, and control you.


Femdom controlling  meditation.  This is a mellow recording designed to drop you deep …


A relaxing break feels so good… turn out the lights and lie down.


We will go from Alpha to Theta to Delta waves/beats, as I up your 

Serotonin for pleasure, and decrease your acetylcholine very slightly to take away 

Those signals that transmit from your brain to your muscles…


You will breath deeply while feeling very pleasant as I finger snap you down 

to a very deep state of Mesmerizing trance.


As the alpha waves begin… your eyes become heavy and you feel a warm

Relaxing wave rush over your body…


I am controlling your mind… no thoughts as the relaxation travels

from your head to your toes…


Feels so good.


You may keep your eyes closed as I increase your Melatonin … making you drowsy

… no thoughts, simply breathe deep.


3… 2.. .1… DROP… as you fall deep under My Goddess control…You will be 

My frozen Drone… so deep and obedient… so mesmerized by My voice.


When you hear my finger snaps, you will fall deeper under My control 

As all thoughts diminish… all muscles go loose, limp and relaxed…


I command you to have no thoughts…as I immobilize you… almost As if you are 

frozen and can’t move at all…


I can do anything I want  to you… I can’t take you anytime I like


You’re light as a feather, eyes heavy, body going numb as I increase your 

serotonin and Sprinkle in a drop of Dopamine to increase your pleasure…


Now the Theta waves begin and you drop into another stage of mesmerizing

Rest… void of all thoughts…powerless… immobilized… so at bliss. 





File Includes:   Multi track, ASMR whispers, Brain entrainment techniques, 

binaural beats: Alpha, Theta, and Delta, My controlling mesmerizing voice, subliminal, 

triggers, Finger snap deepener, wakeup count, near transmitter control suggestions. 

NeuroTransmitter Control

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