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Lie down and relax My pantyhose slave…. 


If your eyes want to close, let them.  That means 

you are about to drop deep.  You can always 

watch the video later.  Because dropping deep is ALL 

about the voice.  Once in trance, your SubMind will 

open up, take over, and create minds eye visuals.  




I saw you staring at My shiny pantyhose.   Don’t worry,

it’s okay.  I know they are sexy, so silky and shiny.   

Just relax and breathe deep. 


Oh don’t worry, I’m not trying to control your mind. I just

want you to relax and I want you to know that it’s okay if 

you  LOVE My pantyhose and My feet.  That’s all.


Soon, you will belong to Me.  Your weak mind has 

no chance of escaping.  Because this is the ultimate

turn on for you! 


Silky, seductive, delicious pantyhose.  You crave to 

kiss, lick, sniff and touch My silky hose.   So shiny 

and scented with My feminine aroma. 



File includes:  

Edge commands, left and right ear panning, 

sub track for extra erotic pleasure, dreamy 

sound textures, beautiful imagery, tushy shots, legs, 

feet lips, hair, sparkling eyes, induction, Elegant Erotica, 

Whisper subliminals, subliminal crave triggers, 

cum countdown and My superior Goddess Voice. 


PantyHose Slave - Edge and Obey

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