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Tied and Denied.  (Audio Only)



You had better be very cerebral to listen to this file… 

My powerful voice and suggestions will take you down so 

Deep… you will become mentally tied and physically denied.


I’m not one of those “Goddesses” who desperately gropes 

herself with the hopes that you will listen to My words… No… 


I am a high priestess of cock control…a wizard of words ,

a truly dominant Goddess… a powerful seductress…

Mesmerizing magic… obey and submit as I take over your 



Feel the heat spread throughout your body… as you become entranced… 

focus on the relaxation as My mesmerizing power takes over…


A collar around your neck …imagine how it would feel if you only had 

enough slack to fit your fingers under it.  


Imaging how it would feel to be seen in public with this collar around 

your neck… this collar is a powerful  symbol of obedience to Me… while it is 

around your next… your mind and body belong to Me…and I control 

your arousal. 


This collar is powerful… It’s magic… not only will you want to obey 

while wearing it, but the very thought of it around your neck arouses you.   

I want you squirming, aching with need, consumed with desire…riding

The edge towards denial…and later, when you finally release… it will 

feel amazing.




This file has a long induction, with covert mesmerization and 

 two voice tracks.  Breathe deeply as you follow My words into a 

deep dark trance… A trance of mental control and orgasm denial.


A trance where you will be mentally bound, and verbally confused and 

seduced.  This is true "mesmerizations".  SEE all samples at My Blog

on My personal site. 


File includes:  Two vocal tracks, colorful, elegant visuals, 

custom - made sound textures, suggestions, countdown,


Tied and Denied

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