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You My Pet were meant to be a's 

your purpose, it's your destiny.

It is what you were meant to is what you 

were born to be...

you are a slave!


You are property, you are owned... your slave

mind is controlled.

you need someone to control you...and you

know that as a slave, you will become the

best "you", you can be.

I explain your position and purpose in life...

 I'm offering you purpose...

I'm offering to make you the slave 

you are destined to be

I am offering you freedom in slavery...


you are a slave!

you will feel the growing desire to become

My slave...My property

No stereotypical hypnosis here... what I 

have done is much more powerful...

I have tapped into your slave brain...

you have learned to bury your slave brain

because society has taught you that is it wrong

I will awaken the true slave within you...

The feeling of rediscovery will 

be powerful and intense...

your slave brain will be awakened...

you will focus on desires directly from your 

slave suggestions needed

Simple stimulation of your slave brain 

is all that is natural as it comes 

from your own mind...making it so 

easy for Me to claim and take you...

to mold your slave brain, to change you so 

 you can become the best you, you can be.

you are a slave! 

My pet.

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