Are you ready.... don't keep your Mistress waiting!

Perform puppet!
Perform puppet!

Madame Jade & Sissy Missy
Madame Jade & Sissy Missy

Perform puppet!
Perform puppet!

I am the Queen of MESSY! 


When it comes to getting messy, I have no limits.  Whether it is 10 pies or 100!


I'm not afraid to get down and dirty, covered in goop from head to toe!


So, call the schedule, then stop by Smart and Final, and come on over.   Plan on spending  2 to 3 hours with me.


If you are a true fetishist, I will provide you

with a messy session unparallelled.


see me at : Fetish Jade


I also have a "messy hotline"  on & my phone site.


Sensual to Severe.

I'm a very intuitive Domina, 

I will pace you and

bring you to a higher high. 

I can provide an exciting

fantasy escape as I tower over you in

a sensual or stern manner. 

If you have afetish, we can

incorporate that too.



CBT -  light to heavy

Bondage-  rope plastic wrap, vacubed

Corporal- Flogging, caning, whips, & more

Role-play- Bitch boss, Nurse,

Evil Woman Next Door etc.

Electric-  Tens, Violet Wand...

Spanking- OTK, spank horse...

Humiliation- Verbal, physical

Sensory Deprivation



Cross dressers like to spice it

up by wearing panties or thigh highs! 

It can feel sexy, slutty, cheap, dirty

or taboo! 


It's up to you!

Sissy-sluts love to look slutty,

girlie and some enjoy it forced

upon them.  Sissy's need to be

slut trained and be taught how

to please their Mistress. 


Are you a sissyGURL, sissymaid, OR babygirl ? 


Lets explore!

would you like it playful

or humiliating?





Crossdressing & Sissy Trainig

good boy!
good boy!

Madame Jade
Madame Jade

good boy!
good boy!


WAM, Sploshing, Slime, Pie!

< Got Questions?  Call my fetish Hotline.


Foot Fetish, Highheels & Stockings - Worship

Erotic Hypnosis

Madame Jade Paris

Certified Hypnotist