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About Me & My
Artistic Creations 

Hello pets… Welcome to My Hypnotic World.


Right from the start I want you to know… I am NOT 

a porn actress!  Never have been, never will be…if that is what 

you are expecting, you better look elsewhere.  You will never 

see Me nude or topless. 


I am a Dominant Mistress,  a certified hypnotherapist, a licensed nurse, 

and an artist who is all about elegance, bright colors, and 

true hypnosis.  It’s all about the voice and dropping you deep.


A true Femdom “Goddess” will not SUBMIT to you

by taking off her top, panties, or by having explicit 

sex for your viewing pleasure.  If that is what you need, 

there is plenty of that out there.  I don’t consider it art… 

it’s simply porn.


Many women start out creating Hypnosis videos  (or what they call hypnosis)

and end up doing porn for one reason or another… I’ve seen it a lot.

The majority of these women are really not happy about what they

are doing and it usually stems from desperation.   


I as a talented and educated Femdom Mistress, refuse to 

lower My standards.  Sure, I enjoy spicy, kinky play, and have 

been a well known Mistress and dungeon owner for years… But 

I draw the line at doing something that I believe would lower Me as a 


Goddess, Mistress,
Artist, and Woman.  


So, now that you know that I do not create visual porn… you can 

choose to either stay or go… I do hope you will stay and 

play… enjoy and experience My uniqueness. 



Your Hypnotic Goddess,

Madame Jade Paris

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