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Simply LOOP them and don't analyze.

If you are a hypnoslut and love to trance and be controlled by a dominant women, you will purchase all of Madame's audio/video files.  They are sexy works of art meant to brainwash you and condition you to serve a true Goddess: Madame Jade Paris. 

EROTIC HYPNOSIS BY Madame Jade - iWantClips

Check out my  iWantClips store!   Prepare to become addicted and controlled.

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Ready to become addicted?    Femdom Hypnosis at its finest.  

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Madame Jade - Hypnodomme - KINKBOMB

Hypnotized by a Dominant Mistress.  Get ready for beautiful visuals and quality sound....true erotic hypnosis at its finest.

Madame Jade - at Sensual Mistress

You can purchase my exotic, hypnotic files at this european based Femdomme Hypnosis store.

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