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My site is best viewed on a computer.  I do not have every page optimized for mobile phone.  The areas that are mobile friendly are:  The Private Blog (under Free Members Area), the VIP GOLD MEMBERS choose plan, and video pages.


This is the BEST place to view my videos and get a discount on all of My videos compared to the full priced

"free members area"  and outside stores.     Just click the link below and chose your plan:

Once you have chosen & paid for your plan, you can enter my "Hypnotic Theater".  Files can be downloaded or streamed.  The VIP theater is mobile phone optimized, so you can use your phone to view or just listen. 


The only requirement to join this area and access my #1 Audio, Video, and Loop stores, is your email address.  


Once your email address is entered you will be able to view the "hub" and links to full priced stores, calendar, voice blog, members forum, etc.  There is also a drop down menu off the header "free members area" with

all free site pages.  

To purchase files from the free members stores, you will need to be on a computer as those store pages are not mobile optimized.


** My PRIVATE BLOG **  is the area where you can talk with Me and see My private life, file descriptions etc.  Do Come In... I am most active in the tribute/donation button at top of page.  


This is a membership site that includes all of my videos.  The files are slightly discounted but not like they are at the

VIP GOLD MEMBERS STORE.   This is just another option.



To order directly from me, ​email me at and let me know what file you would like. Once you pay through P4ypal (friends and family) or Cash APP I will send your files through "". 


My private blog is where I pretty much live...I post My daily thoughts, FILE DESCRIPTIONS, thank you notes, my Video and creativity updates, and updates to my NON EROTIC site ( )  Once you join the "free members" area with your email address, you will have access to the Private Blog and it is mobile phone optimized.  I love reading entries at my blog, so go ahead and add comments.  


My calendar is where you go to see when your custom order is being created and sent, my schedule, etc.


The Vault Goddess Worship Friday is where you can send tribute (small or large) for the weekend and just basic Goddess/Artist  survival - worship.  No amount to small or large. This link can be found in the dropdown menu under "free members area" or by clicking on "wishlist & Tributes" header then clicking the box that says GODDESS Worship Friday.   


This is needed because sometimes I can't get a new file out by Friday because I am working on custom orders, filming, editing, or working on web design... This is so needed and appreciated.  I have included a file in some of the tribute offers. 

I AM A ONE WOMAN SHOW...Nobody helps me with my site or creations.  

There is also a Free chat on my site that goes directly to my personal phone (via the wix phone app).  

(I have a Niteflirt 0.69. cents per message chat too  - Madame Jade Paris) 

My Private Blog (go there, tribute, and chat with Me)

My  Voice Blog

My Calendar

The Vault - Goddess Worship Friday



(link below: buy from the first 3 #1 stores please (email address required) - all other outside stores take half my proceeds)



Madame Jade