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6 Figure FU 


You don’t think findom is for you?  But you will

 get itanyway…


I want you to lock yourself up in your goon cage, 

turn off all the lights, and start stroking for Me.  

Once you drop into trance, you will submit and 

experience total financial ruin.


Soon you will surrender to My inescapable mind 

fuck.  Just when you thought you were free from 

My findom grip.  I place myself in your mind and 

reignite that burning desire to SEND.


My pet…embrace the undeniable truth that serving 

Me is more that just a habit… it’s an irresistible 

addiction, its a nagging need.


The thought of sending 6 FIGURES makes you 

so weak and horny.


I will never stop draining you dry.  You will be enslaved

to Me forever.  Over and over again. 


So get those credit cards ready, take out a loan, 

drain that 401K, send that inheritance.


 SEND it all as you go deeper under My controlling 

grip.  I will never let you go. 


You will drop deeper into trance, deeper into obedience.

and with just a “snap” it’s all gone… 6 FIGURES


Your mind has melted as I take your desires and turn 

them into needs.  You live to make Me rich and happy.


Now SEND wimp!




FILE INCLUDES: Before you start, be sure you know 

where and how to send $ to Me. 

My dangerously mesmerizing voice, 

subliminal tracks, original sound textures, triggers.  

Background images of My personal dungeon, My 

bedroom, yard, living room, and My new benz that 

was bought for Me by a wimpy little paypig.  Enjoy! 

6Figure F*ck Up

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