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Afternoon Delight - Cock Expansion Mindmelt


3… 2… 1… DROP! 


Time for a quickie subliminal mindmelt… if you are 

at work… sneak off to the bathroom…or to your

car… somewhere you can sit in private and take

a break with Me…


Time to check out as I rapidly empty your mind

and subliminally program your cock to expand

on demand… you need this type of programming

and when you have more time… you can loop 

it and let it sink in deep where your control 

centers are…


Take a deep breath, clear your thoughts… 

as your mind opens up to Me, your cock 

expands and grows as you become My 

“Good Toy” 





File includes:  My superior voice, 3 panning tracks, 

big breasts, binaural beat, triggers, cock Expansion

trigger subliminal, gloves, a mind melt brain drain  

just for you…


Afternoon Delight

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