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BIMBO MindMelt 


Becoming My Mindless, cotton candy, air headed BIMBO never felt 

as good as it does now.


Experience this highly relaxing, mesmerizing mindmelt full of triggers.  


Let your mind clear and breathe deeply… you will go into a drifty, dreamy, 

cotton candy state as you visualize yourself as the perfect, beautiful Bimbo.


All kinds of pretty thoughts will go into your air head … glitter, stilettos, long nails.


Programmed to be My dirty dirty slut… so horny and easy to control.


You look girly, you shift your hips back and forth… you sound like a bubble headed 

love doll, ready to be taken by your Goddess.


I’ve programmed you this way… I reside deep in your mind.





File includes:  fluffy bimbo triggers, descriptive Bimbo words, 

mesmerizing control two layers of voice, layers of mind 

numbing sound textures…

Bimbo MindMelt

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