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Bimbo Salon de Beaute



Hello My pet… 

Since you were such a delightful slut at 

the last Manor party… I’ve decided to host



Welcome to the Salon de Beaute! 


I’m taking you to the salon to be pampered, 

beautified, waxed, and massaged…


Hair and nails will be perfect, your body will 

be hairless, and soft… perfumed and groomed

to perfection…


Breathe deep and keep that mind blank just 

the way a Bimbo should.


I want you to visualize Me dressing you up

while I prepare you for your sexy salon visit…


Feel yourself in the pink chair as the gorgeous

beautician pumps it up… sink into the chair as 

you relax and become mindless and obedient


Your clitty is plumping up as many hands 

pamper you. 


your nails are long, sharp, painted and shiny. 

As all the salon attendants get your ready… 

I stand by and supervise.




File includes:  dressing description, induction,

Bimbo salon experience, subliminal programming

Jazz sound textures, descriptive commands, two 

voice tracks…truly unique… Enjoy! 

Bimbo Salon de Beaute

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