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Boobie Flash LOOP


Get ready to be “Blinded by the Boobies” as you 

become a mindless, dumbed down boobie gooner! 


Clear your mind and look at Me… you will be 

titnotized as you drift off and the boobie flashes 

take over…


You will become a weak, horny, drone…as your mind

drifts away… 


Each boobie flash will drop you deeper, each flash 

makes you blank and horny…you are being 

programmed by My feminine pillows of control…


Watch them swing, bounce, and flash… as My 

superior voice wipes your mind clean…


Stroke to the Boobie flashes as I swing My tits…

I know you want to touch them as you fall 

into My Goddess cleavage…They are heavy 

and bouncy and your face is buried deep within..


Mindlessly become My “funbag puppet” as I give 

your joi stick a  “BoobieJob”  … glaze those titties 

with your hot trouser gravy…


You are being TITNOTIZED… 


LOOP it over and over again… Today is a perfect day to 

just fall into My tatas for immense pleasure. 




File Includes:   Topless boobie flashes and sexy boobie swing

animation videos, triggers, finger snaps, descriptive cock/boob 

JOI, cum countdown, seduction, JOI, luscious lips, eyes, 

fetish wear, sound textures. 



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