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Captive in the Dark 

Car Jack - Mind Jerk 


Hello pets…

You are about to get car jacked and 

mind jerked..and it’s going to feel soooo good.


Just relax and give Me your car keys…


You are about to fall deep into this

mesmerizing drama JOI…


5 layers of voice… put your headphones on 

and visualize as you mindlessly stroke for Me..


I love a hard cock…. and right now… your’s is 

the one I want… I love an empty, obedient 

mind… and you are about to have that as 

I pull the strings of your mind like a puppet 



Now as I said… give Me your keys… now! 


Oh I see you are confused… you see, you are not

riding in the front with Me… you are going into 

the trunk!


Take a deep breath and look into My eyes as you


stroke, stroke, stroke… edge and go deeper…


I tie you up and order you to get into the trunk

and you do without hesitation…


hogtied and in the trunk... the joy ride begins… 


Lets go faster…pet… as I tie down your mind…

you realize there is no escape… 


You are My Captive in the Dark!!



File includes:  My superior voice, 5 panning tracks, lipstick, 

big breasts, sound textures, countdown, colorful car backgrounds, 

Goon, Endless Edge,  a dirty edge drama just for you…slave



Captive In The Dark

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