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Blank Bimbo Pt 2


Hello My pet… here you go!  

Part two of Blank Bimbo Time!


If you listened to part 1, then you 

know exactly what was about to 

happen…and you’ve been craving 

this for a long time…


I’m going to give you a special 

job, My sissy bimbo… so clear your 

mind… MIND OFF!


SO HORNY and happy every time 

you are called “good girl”


Have a dildo nearby My slut… 

part your lips and prepare to deep 

throat…I love it when you gag and 

a tear runs down your face.


Swallow it all… don’t you dare miss 

one drop…


Do  it right and that special job at 

the femdom manor will be yours 

My cocksucking bimbo slave. 


File included:  3 vocal tracks, sucking 

sound effects, toy play, triggers, sound 

textures, finger snaps.


Blank Bimbo Time - Part 2

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