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Deep Ocean MindMelt JOI



I’m about to dive deep into your primitive mind.


It will feel so good to just let go and give in to My 

voice.  To My control.


Following My commands as you focus on My 

voice and become mindless and obedient.


All stress and tension gone.  


I want you to imagine a vast ocean stretching 

out before you.  This ocean represents your 

subconscious mind.  Deep and mysterious.


Underlying track:  “triggers”  “subliminals” 

“obedience & arousal commands” 


Float and drift mindlessly as you drop deep 

into trance.  Then My dominance surfaces 

and I command you to stroke and obey 

without resistance.  


Pure submission as My voice commands you 

to obey My Goddess words. 





File Contains:  Mesmerizing Ocean Sounds, 

multiple voice tracks, sound effects, lips, big breasts, 

sparkling eyes, descriptive imagery, cum countdown, 

snaps, right and left ear mind fuck programming. 

triggers, commands, suggestions, 

Truly mental mesmerizing domination 

Deep Ocean MindMelt JOI​​​​​​​

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