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Just lie down and relax… if your eyes get heavy and start

to close … let it happen… you can always watch the visuals

later…  The goal is to go deep into trance…


This is an edge/joi file… at a slow relaxing pace.   You 

can be hands on, or perhaps you are on a lunch break where 

you would then need to just use your imagination… like a 

hands free audio.


This is a very intense mind melt… My mesmerizing words will 

easily slip and sink deep into your primitive mind…you will submit 

and love it. 


My whispers are naturally soothing… seductively enticing… 

My whispers are addictive and mesmerizing… they softly

spread through your entire body and mind.


Give in to My whispering words, feel them … give in to them 

as they make every touch feel 10 times more intense…


My whispers want you to touch yourself and feel pleasure…

My Whisper words will erotically drop you deep into a blissful

mind numbing trance… 


My mesmerizing voice will melt your mind and make 

you so hard. 


I control your orgasms …



File Contains:  Multiple visuals and audio triggers that 

will make you mindless and aroused… Custom sound textures

beautiful images , big breasts, sparkling colorful eyes, descriptive 

imagery, deepeners, snaps, right and left ear subliminal panning 

tracks to program you to have obedient horniness,  

whisper triggers to make you completely Mine.  Are you ready 

for this?  


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