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GOON for Goddess 


If you like a mesmerizing mind melt,

brain drain…. this is for you!


Good boys GOON for Goddess…


Stroke and obey as I train your brain… 

watch My pocket watch… 


You will drop deep and let go… giving 

yourself to Me completely… now look 

deep into My eyes… as you fall into them.. 

They are not just any eyes… they are the 

eyes of a powerful Goddess…


Your mind will blissfully disappear as you 

get lost in My eyes and Goon like a 



You are under My Goddess control…


You mind is BLANK… so Empty…

The more you watch and listen, the deeper 

you fall…and your arousal heightens…. 

Blank Mind = PLEASURE filled body.


Each and every stroke of your cock, drains 

your thoughts right out of your mind… Stoke 

and Goon your thoughts away for Me…your 

mesmerizing Goddess.


Good boys obey Goddess…


File includes:  My superior voice, 3 panning tracks, lipstick, 

big breasts, sound textures, triggers, countdown to cum, 

colorful backgrounds, Goon mantra, Endless Edge,  

shiny gloves, a mind melt brain drain  just for you…slave


GOON for Goddess

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