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In too Deep 

Deep Trance and Submission LOOP


You are in too deep… but you love it…

that’s where you want to be…

so don’t even try to resist… just relax 

and let go for Me … feels so good


3 … 2 … 1 … DROP! 


Just listen to My voice and allow My 

Goddess words to occupy your mind…

as they surge into the deepest 

regions of your thoughts…

Let them sink down deep where 

change can take place… 


where your mindset will… shift… 

according to My will….


you won’t know what hit you… you 

will fall and drift deeper than 

ever before… 


My left and right ear subliminals 

will take care off all your programming

just listen to the main track and 

you will drift off into a blissful trance

world….the perfect escape.


LOOP it and let it take you away… you 

will love it! 


File includes:  My Superior Goddess voice,

finger snaps, left and right ear ASMR 

subliminals, sound textures, triple voice 

tracks, true programming, breast and 

message flashes, arousal & femdom triggers, 

spiral, beautiful visuals… pure erotic bliss.

In too Deep LOOP

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