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Into The Pink 


After a hard days work or perhaps after hours of

GOONing… you are going to love relaxing under

My mesmerizing, superior Goddess control…


Do yourself a favor and surrender… Lie down and 

just let My voice take over your mind and body…

It feels so good.


Fall Into The Pink…


You know you want to surrender and obey…

Breathe deeply and if your eyes want to close, 

just let them.


My pink words will control you with ease…

dropping you into pure pink bliss.


My control will overwhelm you… your mind will become

clear, blank, empty, and submissive… 


Your mind will open to Me as you fall deep into the Pink…

you are Mine, pet.


You crave to obey and will… won’t you?   yesssss.


Drop deep into My PINK trance of pleasure…

and as I snap that collar around your neck you feel arousal 

and devotion… sensual, sexual, obedient, and 

owned… Captivated and Captured by your Queen


Come to Me now My Pet… Let’s go to bed now…


You will love this… My weak pet. 



File Includes:   My superior Goddess Voice, chastity device flashes,

sound textures, ASMR whispers, multiple tracks, subliminal, obedience 

programming,  lipstick, blue eyes, crystals, pocket watch, 

Goddess Worship training, Trigger…calming wind sound.


Into the PINK

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