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Irresistible Relapse - Findom  (audio only version)


I love it when you come running back especially 

when you try so hard to stay away.  


Relapsing is irresistible, it’s what you crave, it’s 

the most exhilarating feeling, it’s what truly gets 

you off and gives you true purpose.


So why fight it My pathetic money slave? 




Stroking and sliding deep under My Goddess

control.  I’m going to drain you of every cent 

you have and don’t have.


I want you to relapse harder than ever before,



So dive deep and embrace your impending doom.

No fear, no hesitation.   Mindlessly fall into this 

Irresistible Relapse.


I will strip away every layer of your sanity, leaving 

you exposed and vulnerable, and utterly broken.


It’s your job to keep your GODDESS spoiled

and happy. 


I own you wimp! 





FILE INCLUDES: Before you start, be sure you know 

where and how to send $$$ to Me. 

My dangerously mesmerizing voice, 

subliminal tracks, original sound textures, triggers.  

Background images, subliminal word flashes.


Irresisitible Relapse

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