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Lavender Lust 



Tantric Hands Free Energy Orgasm…


Experience cerebral euphoria … My pet


Are you ready to learn how to achieve an “energy orgasm” 

anytime and anyplace you like?


Orgasm happens in the Mind before it happens anyplace else… Mindgasm!


My sultry mesmerizing voice will guide and drop you deep into a relaxed

state where you feel complete ecstasy …


First, you must open your mind to the possibility of having an energy 



Turn your attention inward and let your eyes close if they want to…

take long, deep breathes… 


Let loose, let yourself make sounds of pleasure, get wild and expansive with your breathing,

allow your body the freedom to move and wiggle and undulate however it feels right for you. 

by doing this, your body is giving your mind the message that you are moving towards a greater 

state of bliss…


your Beautiful lavender Goddess guides and controls your mind and body.


Feel the build up as your arousal and sexual energy increases…


You will mentally ride the edge to the point of complete erotic pleasure, as you moan 

in ecstasy… 


You are My mindless plaything… consumed with erotic pleasure as you crave for 

My control to take you over that edge. 


My countdown will command release…


Hands free Energy Orgasm - Practice Makes perfect…



**File includes:   Gorgeous sexy tantra music, mind tingling sub bass, beautiful purple/lavender visuals,

suggestions, cum countdown, luscious layered vocal tracks, breast flashes, wet lips, 

progressive arousal suggestions, descriptive physical guidance … practice makes perfect, pet. 


If you are not familiar with the tantric energy orgasm.. look it up  




Madame Jade - your mesmerizing Goddess

Lavender Lust - Tantric Hands Free Energy Orgasm

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