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Locked Up Sissy 


3… 2… 1…


Feels so good… just a wet clitty

locked up tight.


Conditioning LOOP to reinforce and 

solidify your bimbo sissy triggers


You crave to be feminine, to wear

panties, breast forms, stockings 

and heels…


You crave to be My girly bitch

… the star of the glory hole…

You crave to be My service slut


As your tits expand, your IQ drop

your mind goes blank and your

mouth opens…


Body limp, legs open… watch 

the flashing images as your 

mind becomes deeply programmed

to become extremely feminine 


Sissy can cum easily without 

touching… sissy squirts…


You crave to lets others use your 

pussy… under My control…


Good Girl!





File includes:  My Dominant, Elegant Image, A subliminal track 

like no other, Feminization, sound textures and mind numbing 

sub bass with binaural beats, feminine trigger image flashes. 

My superior voice, girly body enforcement triggers, 

finger snaps, descriptive Bimbo words… 

enjoy love 

Locked Up Sissy

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