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You are going to fall deeply into My erotic 

Love Bomb.   Under My spell, I will mesmerize 

you to fall in love with Me as I guide you to 

the most amazing orgasm.


Feel My voice penetrate your melty mind as your 

body becomes warm and tingly.  There is 

nobody else like Me, I am your elegant Goddess,

your Goddess of love and lust.  


Feel My electric love penetrate your body.  

Feels so good to mindlessly edge under My 

supreme control. 


Stroke for Me as you feel My hands caress 

your body.  


Feel My embrace.  Taste My sugary lips as 

I count you down to orgasm.  


You will fall deeply in love, deeply in lust 

with your Goddess.


File includes:  

Edge commands, left and right ear panning, 

sub track for extra erotic pleasure, dreamy 

sound textures, beautiful imagery, lips, hair, 

sparkling eyes, induction, Elegant Erotica, 

Whisper subliminals, finger SNAP trigger, 

cum countdown.and My superior Goddess Voice. 



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