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Love Roller Coaster - Goon Fractionation


Come take a ride with your mesmerizing Goddess.

As I take you up and down over and over again…

until you DROP so DEEP, that you turn into a GOON machine 

like you’re on a never ending roller coaster of Pleasure…


Relax, drop deep, and mindlessly stroke while your 

submind takes it all in.  


The coaster races along the track… sharp turns, inversions,

loops, and corkscrews…yet you feel it is all going in 

slow motion… feel the breeze on your face as you go 

mindless and submit.


You will accept Me as your Goddess, and only then will 

you be allowed to…


My controlling words will slide easily into your open 

pliable mind.


I deeply program your mind with femdom mantras, 

and with each twist and turn of the coaster, you will 

feel these affirmations become stronger within you, 

allowing them to resonate deeply… Filling you will 

a sense of duty


Feel My power envelope you as the car tips forward…

you surrender to arrousal, as gravity takes hold… you 

are in a relaxed state of arrousal and submission.


Ride that coaster of love and lust as you mindlessly 

stroke for Me. 





**I recommend listening without video the first time so you 

can open and closed your eyes… this will drop you so deep, 

because afterall, it’s all about the words and the voice…that is 

if you truly want to go into deep a TRANCE. 



File Contains:  Custom sound textures

beautiful imagery, My Goddess voice, mantras

sound effects, lips, big breasts, sparkling eyes,

Induction, fractionation deepener, suggestions,

snaps, 3 vocal tracks… discriptive imagery, 

countdown, classic staircase/drops, cum countdown

nude breast flashes, roller caoster sound effects

Love Roller Coaster - Goon Fractionation

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