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Love Slave - Valentine GOON LOOP


You are My Love Slave… My Valentine Goon Toy


You are going to become My Mindless Goon Machine..

you won’t be able to stop!


Before you now it, your head will become fuzzy and 

you will drop into a deep trance and become stuck in 

an endless erotic LOOP of edging and obeying…




My Valentine GOON puppet … this is DEEP Surrender


As you focus on My voice, you will drop into a deep

state of trance… and the deeper you go, the harder 

your cock will get… and the harder you cock gets

the more weak you become…Under My control

so deep as you surrender… falling, so empty and 

obedient…and DROP!


Mindlessly stroking… stroking your life away as I 

command you..


I OWN YOU PET… stroke a little faster… so close

but not going over that edge…


You crave that command that only I can give…


I love it that you are MY love slave, and that you 

OBEY Me without hesitation…


Stroke On pet...



File includes:  My superior voice, lipstick, big breasts, 

sound textures, triple voice tracks, countdown, LOOP IT,

colorful background, Goon, Endless Edge, pure filth 

just for you…slave


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