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Magic Floribunda LOOP


Hello there… This audio video is for the 

esoteric thinker…


I have created magical sound using 

custom designed binaural beats & isochronic

tones made with the software called Gnaural 


Take My hand as I guide you deep into My 

Garden of lust and pleasure… relax and become

empty as I melt your mind into pure exotic, 

mesmerizing bliss. 


Breathe deeply, relax, and let the magic take

hold of your mind and body as the rosebud 

unfolds, your senses heighten… smell the 

fragrant scent of floral bliss….

the rose is a wonderful DEEP shade of crimson.


as the rose opens, you enter and DROP

DEEP down into the stem… as you travel through

a long tunnel…. you become one with the universe

and all creations….


As your powerful Goddess commands you in an 

underlying subliminal message… you eagerly



No resistance… relaxing, obedient arousal… all 

your will melted away…as your mind is massaged.

My garden… is a beautiful place DEEP inside your 

primitive mind…


I will count you down deeper into the garden of 

obedience where colors are so vibrant and arousal

is abundant …I want you to edge down that  pathway


Enjoy… a unique experience






File Contains:  Custom made binaural and Isochronic

tones, beautiful floral images, My Goddess word stroke,

sound effects, lips, big breasts, sparkling eyes, descriptive 

imagery, countdown deepener, snaps, right and left ear 

obedience whisper track.   






Magic Florabunda - Binaural Mindmelt LOOP

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