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it’s no mistake you moved next door to Me… 

it was only a matter of time before you came 

over to borrow some… Sugar… and with My 

telepathic Goddess powers, I’ve already seen 

you naked…


Now, look into My eyes… you are going to 

fall so DEEP… 


It’s time to feel My sensual control…as you fall 

DEEP into My cleavage and deep under My control.


You are about to take an intense ride into sensual, 

erotic pleasure…. Layers of My superior voice, My 

visual triggers and subliminal programming make it

impossible for you to resist… 


As I MIND FUCK you into obedience, I overload 

your mind and you automatically go BLANK


Once you fall deep, I play with your mind and 

body … and later that night when you’re back home

and  in your own bed… I control you with a remote toy…


You are My plaything next door and whenever I 

want you… I simply SNAP my fingers and you 

come running!


You are mine…


File Contains:  Custom made binaural and Isochronic

tones, multiple voice tracks, sound effects, lips, big breasts, 

sparkling eyes, descriptive imagery, countdown deepener, 

snaps, right and left ear mind fuck programming. Mid century 



You’ll love it.


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