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Power Play Cash Drain


Hello there.   are you ready to clear your mind, and 

give Me every last cent


Clear that little mind of yours, I want it completely empty

 but first load up your cards and take a deep breath.


I’m going to drop you deep into an erotic loop of sending 

over and over again until you are so broken, you know I 

own you


Now start to edge.  no thoughts.  just deep breathing 

and mindless edging.  I own that cock.  


you are going to loose track of time as you fall 

under My merciless GODDESS control 


your purpose is to finance the indulgent upgrades and

enhancements that I’ll be enjoying


your reward?  hmmm, it certainly won’t be cumming


it’s simply the gratification of pleasing Me  and the bitter 

taste of humiliation you have grown very fond of.


nothing feels better.   you must accept your destiny


I will drain you dry of every ounce of self worth


BrainFucked and Bankrupt.


and you know in the end you are nothing more than 

a pathetic plaything




File Includes:  Mesmerizing triple tracks and mind numbing 

sound textures.  My Goddess voice, beauty, lips, hair, eyes, 

gloves, shiny PVC, triggers and commands. ready to be ruined?  

Power Play Cash Drain LOOP

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