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It's a weeknight and you have the house to yourself.

It's been a long week so far, and all you want to do is relax,

let go and enjoy yourself, the best way you know how.

By slipping into your secret life. 


Your sissy life. No one knows

except Me, your Mistress and you love it that you share this

dirty little secret with Me.

at night, 


Your wife has no idea that she’s lying next to a cum

loving sissy whore. She doesn’t know how much you love the

feeling of silky pantyhose against your skin and how much you

love to be plugged while wearing those slutty panties.  you know,

the ones you keep hidden away in that super secret place.

You just cant help it. 


You get these urges deep down inside,

aching urges that make you crave to suck cock and fuck like

a whore. don’t you now? well, don’t worry about it


it’s not entirely your fault. 


You see, I have been programming

you to be a cock sucking sissy. My triggers and subliminal

messages have been planted deep inside your primitive 

mind. Triggers that create an overwhelming feeling of lust 

at the thought of.


**File Includes: Mesmerizing three voice tracks

and mind numbing sound textures and beautiful

background images, Lips, elegant dress, blue eyes,

blonde hair, My Goddess beauty, lips,

My superior voice triggers and commands.

Enjoy sissy!


AUDIO ONLY version is available too at

my MP3 store for those who like to let their

eyes close and really drop deep.  after all,

Mesmer is about the voice.



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