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Sparkling Seduction JOI


I love sparkly, shiny, shimmering things…


Drop deep into My sparkling seduction as I 

mesmerize you into deep erotic pleasure.


Colorful and shiny… My beautiful crystals

shimmer and shine… spin and twirl…swing

back and forth…


as you relax… your mind empties… My words

penetrate deep into your mind… I am a very 

powerful Goddess…  I will put you in 

a dream like state where your sexual centers

are flooded with arousal…


Body becomes aroused and responds to 

My seductive mesmerizing words….

Your cock is rock hard as the precum is 

building up….


Down deeper you go as My words guide your

hands … stroking you with My words… Obey 

and play… 


Floating and falling as your fingers stroke

up and down…slipping deep into My sex



You will love this…






File includes:  JOI, subliminal ASMR left & right, 

ear tracks, a main track and another for extra erotic

pleasure, arousal binaural beat, chimes, beautiful 

imagery, lips, hair, sparkling eyes, induction,

cum countdown, and My superiorGoddess Voice. 

Sparkling Seduction JOI

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