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Stroke, Edge, and Obey -  LOOP 


I know what you need… dear…


Just take a deep breath and clear your 

mind completely…and before you know it, 

you will DROP deep for Me…


I will command you to edge for Me… you 

must learn self control … you will OBEY 

as you gaze upon My elegance…


The deeper you fall, the better you will 

feel… and the more obedient you are, 

the hornier you will become…


Now stroke a little faster and ….


Stroke like a machine… stuck on GO! 


I’m programmed you to be a horny edging

obedient GOON SLAVE…. 


You’ve never felt such pleasure… and it will 

only increase… as you fall under My control..


Edge on My Goon Slave 






File includes:  

edge inscriptions, subliminal left & right ear, 

a main track and another for extra erotic

pleasure, original sound textures created by Me, 

beautiful imagery, lips, hair, sparkling eyes, induction,

and My superiorGoddess Voice. 

Stroke, Edge, and Obey - LOOP

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