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Edge of Night


Hello pets…

Are you ready to Edge at My command? 

First I will drop you deep… you will obey and 

only touch when I tell you to.


You will drop deep into trance and become

My mindless EDGE TOY…


It feels so good to OBEY and let everything go…

Immense pleasure awaits you…

Just pay close attention to My words and 

focus on everything I say… your mind and body 

will follow My commands into a delicious 

emptiness that makes your mind Mine…


You crave and need to touch…but you will 

wait for My commands. 

A simple SNAP drops you under My Goddess 



You are willing to do anything I say… just to hear 

Me count you down to nothingness….




As you mindlessly stroke like the owned, controlled

drone that you are, … your body and mind 

working together..




Enjoy and LOOP it…




**This mesmerizing MindMelt contains:   Beautiful Imagery,

Multi-layered, Edge and Denial, original sound tracks 

include two Femdom subliminal suggestions tracks, 

mental domination, count down, rhythmic brainwave 

entrainment, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, gloves, 

binaural beat, deep bass rumble.EXTREME FEMDOM 

CONTROL, true mesmerization, sizzling arousal 

and relaxation…feels so good.

The Edge of Night

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